GMT launches CA site Dar


The official opening of the CA Site Dar took place end September. GMT Waste did not only provided the software of the recycling centre in collaboration with its partner Pfister, but also the columns, the card readers, the ATM machine, intercom, barriers and traffic lights. ‘All of this fully integrated and coordinated,’ says Menno Copper, Account Manager at GMT Europe.


CA sites can be equipped with automated access registration by using CLEARWeigh. In addition, quotas and environmental passes and numerous other data get registered. The weighbridges, barriers, traffic lights, identification columns (including PIN), card readers, printers and touch screens are linked to the software. The software provides an integrated operation and monitoring of the process.


‘CLEARWeigh contributes to a good waste registration; the handling is faster and organizations can save on personnel costs,’ says consultant Simon de Koning. In addition, it takes care of a good overview and relief of the administrative burden and citizens with a pass have access to various recycling centres in the neighbourhood.


Peter van Heeswijk, managing director of Dar, spoke last month with pride about the new recycling centre during the official opening. How does it work? Citizens present themselves with their pass at a column. They indicate what type of waste they are bringing by using a touch screen. It can subsequently be weighed. The barriers and traffic lights then control access to the recycling centre. Menno Koper: ‘The vehicle is weighed again after the disposal. In this way it is calculated how much waste has been disposed of. Payment can occur directly at the column by means of a debit card.’


CLEARWeigh is used in many various recycling centres, amongst others those in Tilburg, HVC, the municipality of Den Bosch, Van Gansewinkel, SITA, the municipality of Assen, the municipality of Groningen and ROVA.



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