GMT implements phase 2 of the ‘polluter pays’ principle at Assen City Council


In 2010 an implementation programme was established by the Assen City Council for the 2011-2014 period. In this programme a number of measures have been taken relating to the waste disposal tax:

1. Paying for a replacement environment pass.

2. Paying for every kilo deposited in the environment park.

3. Container management.

4. Rate differentiation (Diftar), individualisation of the waste disposal tax.


Through the introduction of these measures, the City Council wants to implement the 'polluter pays' principle. Measures 1 and 2 have been implemented by Assen Council. Measures 3 and 4 still need to be implemented and will be completed by mid 2012. By mid-2012, Assen Council wants to achieve cost savings on household waste collection with DIFTAR, the new household waste collection method. GMT is assisting Assen Council until the end of the year with the projects “Container Management” and “DIFTAR”.


GMT is preparing CLEAR on:

- the registration of containers to households

- importing of emptying

- administration and implementation of black and white lists

- importing and maintenance of item details



Besides the CLEAR implementation another 3 products are being delivered;

Product 1: definition of and equipping main processes

The purpose of this process description is: to disclose the working method and operation of container management and DIFTAR within Assen Waste Management. The description is intended to provide guidance on and to make transparent to all employees in Assen Waste management the relationships between the various DIFTAR processes, DIFTAR tasks, container management and CLEAR. The CLEAR database was completed in accordance with the definition and will be put into production.


Product 2: documented and agreed upon technical interfaces

For an unambiguous definition of the items/households, integration will take place with the HIS4All database. On the basis of these item details, emptying administration will be set up in CLEAR. Emptying will be offered through another technical interface from the onboard computers in the vehicles and linked to the correct household in CLEAR. This interface will be extended with functionality for black and white lists, so that only actual containers are emptied.

Through a final interface subject details will be linked via chip data from the containers in CLEAR.


Product 3: documented Work Instruction (tasks, roles and responsibilities)

The objective of the CLEAR Work Instruction is: providing the employees of Assen Waste Management with a detailed functional explanation and description of all CLEAR operations that must be completed in order for the container management and DIFTAR tasks to be performed in an administratively correct manner. These descriptions are very important when the project reaches the management phase.



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