GMT expands in the United Arab Emirates


GMT has been awarded a new great project by WestCoast Saubermacher for the automation of all activities carried out on behalf of the Centre of Waste Management of Abu Dhabi. ‘GMT could add another customer in the United Arab Emirates to its customer base with this project’, says Paul Havinga, Sales Manager GMT.


WestCoast Saubermacher takes care of the collection of household and commercial waste. The activities related to street sweeping and gardening maintenance will also be supported by using CLEAR. ‘Street sweeping in a desert is a serious matter because of the many drifting sand and the dangers that this entails.’


‘One has to deal with a number of challenges within the contract, such as the fact that there are few people who work in the operation who can read or write. Intelligent and simple automation of the vehicles in this project is therefore a very important subsection’, he says. ‘Another challenge is to map where all the current containers are placed. Abu Dhabi does not use addresses.’


Furthermore, a web portal and a Business Intelligence environment will further be delivered in this project in order to meet all reporting and Key Performance Indicator obligations with regards to the Centre of Waste Management.

West Coast Saubermacher is a joint venture between the Austrian Saubermacher and West Coast Co. L.L.C from the United Arab Emirates.


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Paul  Havinga
Paul Havinga
business unit directeur GMT Waste
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