The new identity of GMT!

After 25 years and many further developments, GMT has a new jacket is fitted. Not only do our products and services have been developed, modernized and professionalized. But we ourselves as an organization. Matching it now, we proudly present our new corporate identity, logo, tagline, and especially new identity. The new face of GMT!


Imagine… a slogan with which GMT goes one step further in the world. Not only because we are spreading our wings in Europe and further afield. Also because we realise that we can make a difference when it comes to a cleaner world. We only have one planet after all. And we need to take care of it.


Imagine… what we can all contribute. With our know-how and experience. With our superior technology. With our focus on development of software for waste collection and resources recycling. A process in which the Netherlands is a world trendsetter. By deploying our resourcefulness with great dedication.


Imagine… a key word recognised by everyone. A magical term with an inspiring payload. After all, we need to look further beyond brief solutions. And be aware of what is happening worldwide. The time is ripe for a truly sustainable policy. Powered by GMT.


Imagine… a cleaner planet. A concept with a meaning not to be taken lightly. Dreams and reality can be miles apart. Luckily not at GMT. Our compass shows us the way. In combination with the meaning of GMT, which is a reference to time. Time to move on with GMT. On our way to...

a cleaner planet.

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