GMT and ASPsoftware have agreed on a new level of intensive cooperation

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – November 30, 2015 – Today, GMT announced that GMT and ASPsoftware have agreed on a new stage of intensive cooperation.


Following several years of successful collaboration, GMT and ASPsoftware are pleased to announce that the terms for further intensive cooperation have been agreed upon. GMT will take the lead in the further development and international roll-out of the cloud software developed by ASPsoftware, which includes the leading web and mobile-based solution for the waste and recycling industry, called ASPsoftware will enter into a partnership agreement with GMT to continue to expand its sales and implementation services throughout Australia and New Zealand. ASPsoftware will continue to provide local support and development services to its current and future clients in partnership with GMT. ASPsoftware will join GMT’s global partner network of resellers and partners as the Asia-Pacific hub. GMT will use its in depth development capabilities to further expand on current opportunities and further hone the software to the needs of the global waste, recycling and resource management industry.


Mark Abbas (CEO GMT) commented on the deal: “We are pleased that we are able to further intensify our current relationship with ASP. ASP has proven to be a solid partner and they have developed cutting-edge cloud software that complements our current product offering. We are honored to be able to continue and strengthen the development that has been done by ASPsoftware. We are looking forward to working together as partners in the Australia and New Zealand area.”


Terry Daley, (CEO ASP) noted that: “GMT has been a great partner to work with on shared development enhancements and product translations for the European market. They have been able to seize the disruption opportunities that lower the cost for mobile apps and to bring agile Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud software to the resource recovery market. We are confident that our developments will now have the resource and capital backing to support the viral expansion we have been experiencing. We are eager to continue working with our clients in providing innovative technology solutions that help streamline their business processes. We believe that our new collaboration with GMT will ensure that we can do that at a higher level”.


Parties are set to finalize the deal in the next weeks.


About ASPsoftware

ASPsoftware head office is located in Sydney and there is regional staff in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Christchurch. ASPsoftware is a fast growing consortium of waste software specialists who resell and support Wastedge software in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Europe. Depth of experience has grown from working with a wide variety of large and small waste organisations over the last 15 years. The last 4 years was spent creating the industry’s first and only true multi-tenant SaaS cloud and mobile applications software suite called Wastedge Cloud is currently hosted on high security, professionally managed servers in major data centres in Australia, Europe, the UK and the USA.


About GMT

For almost 30 years GMT has given its full attention to the global waste & recycling industry. This has led to software that enables the clients of GMT to grow their business, increase their margins and improve their quality of service. Through passion and proven technology GMT delivers innovative best-in-class ICT solutions, with their ERP software CLEAR, for midsized and large enterprise waste and recycle companies. Thousand of end-users worldwide appreciate GMT software and implement profitable sustainability by doing so. They achieve this through operational excellence, legal compliance and high quality services. GMT continues to surprise the market with new products and a forward-looking vision.



For business inquiries for GMT please contact:

Mark Abbas, CEO +31 206005151


For business inquiries for ASPsoftware please contact:

Terry Daley, CEO +6129499622



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Mark Abbas
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