Fost Plus Chooses Route Optimisation Software by GMT Europe


To further extend their knowledge of selective collection of household packaging waste, Fost Plus, the Green Point ("Groene Punt") organisation in Belgium has chosen to call upon the Route Optimisation Software by GMT Europe.


A prerequisite is that the software package needs to take a large number of factors into account. For example, the route planning has to take into account the number of vehicles, working hours, vehicle speeds, collection area, collection capacity of the vehicles, waste density, type of roads, areas to avoid (industrial zone), etc. In short, Fost Plus was looking for a user friendly and effective software solution, specifically designed for optimising door-to-door waste collection.


GMT Europe's specific route optimisation software is the closest match to the goals of Fost Plus. By continuously presenting new, innovative (ICT) solutions and by following the developments in the waste market, GMT can also fulfil the goal set by Fost Plus to advise local authorities about optimal collection of household packaging waste. This may translate into better fleet efficiency and better distribution of the work load among the different collection crews, which will lower the financial burden for the community.


GMT Europe and ORTEC

GMT Europe and ORTEC have already worked together for 2 years. GMT Europe is a reselling partner of ORTEC and markets ORTEC's software for collecting household waste. This solution consists of a collection of ergonomic tools for complete management of the design and organisation of routes for collecting waste. In addition, ORTEC's software serves as a powerful research instrument, allowing companies to perform simulation and measure potential impact in an easy way.


Read more information about Route optimisation.

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