Efficient emptying of underground containers saves ROVA costs

Dynamic underground collection by using GMT-Ortec software leads to fewer transport activities and more time between emptying. Many containers are often emptied now when they are only half full. The software supports planning the routes where only ‘almost full’ containers are being transported. This leads to very appealing savings. This is clear from the conclusions of a pilot at ROVA in Zwolle. In response to the findings, ROVA had decided to implement the software of GMT-Ortec. The optimization software will be put into use before the summer of 2014.


Smart routes

Specifically we looked at creating smarter routes. Dennis de Jong, ICT Manager ROVA: “This pilot was done using software to develop smarter routes. We looked at the different types of areas in the city. At what time would you like to drive past a school and at what time of day rather not; where are landfill sites within your route; when are smart pause moments? How do you divide the work among your vehicles to reduce the hiring of vehicles and overtime? Operation can be further improved in this manner.”


By emptying the underground containers at right and by driving more efficient routes, costs can be reduced. There are fewer trucks required for the same number of containers, and this saves by eliminating unnecessary emptying. “Given the fact that the number of underground containers will only grow in the future, we expect that the demand for this solution will increase further in the coming years,” explains Unit Director Paul Havinga.


Inverse collection

Inverse collection also seems to catch on in ROVA’s working area. The level of service on raw materials is being increased, while the level of service of residual waste is being reduced; the general public will eventually end up taking the latter category to underground collection systems. For example, the offered separate plastic has more than tripled, while the proportion of waste has decreased. In the coming years, more and more municipalities will switch to the new way of collecting waste and raw material, which will increase the growth of the number of underground systems severely. With the solution of GMT-Ortec, operational costs will in any case not increase accordingly.


more about routeoptimization.

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