Cyclus makes transition to


Collection company Cyclus makes the transition to the solution of GMT for the logistical organisation and reporting.

General Manager, Leendert van Bloois of Cyclus, and GMT Europe director, Mark Abbas, signed the contract for the purchase of GMT’s CLEAR.NET on 6 December. Both Cyclus and GMT make every effort so that Cyclus can take advantage of the system that has been specially developed for the waste and environmental industries as soon as possible.


GMT was the party that could provide the software that best fits the needs of Cyclus after an intensive tendering process. Leendert van Bloois is very excited and happy to start with the implementation. “ contributes to an insightful logistics planning, provides clear reports and provides essential management information. With this powerful management tool, Cyclus gets better insight into what is working well and what could be improved in terms of tonnage, hours, turnover, transportation and tasks. This insight allows Cyclus to make adjustments quickly and in the right way and thus to work more efficiency and effectively.”


Mark Abbas adds: “ is a system specially developed for the waste and environmental industry. Years of experience and ‘best practices’ in the waste industry come together in this flexible and user-friendly software. GMT is pleased to perform this task for Cyclus. We like to help Cyclusoptimize the services for its clients and for the inhabitants of the Dutch-Central region.”

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