City council Alphen aan den Rijn in the Netherlands deploys people and resources with maximum efficiency because of GMT’s software

The municipality of Alphen aan den Rijn shows dedication. The Council aims to pay more attention to her employees and resources. The use of her ICT surroundings shows that. Recently the waste management software AfvalRIS by GMT was chosen to make that happen.


Mrs. Philippo - Van Bekkum - Project manager operations and service: "We want to upgrade our efficiency and improve planning and staff scheduling. Our choice had to be for AfvalRIS. The planning-tool provides support for planners in scheduling staff and resources efficiently; every vehicle gets the right team. The schedules are provided digitally to our staff through the use of ‘smartboards’ we had installed.”

Alphen aan den Rijn boasts over 100.000 inhabitants, 45.000 connected homes, 200 customer-companies that enjoy the collection of industrial waste and over 1000 underground containers. Principally 60 employees and 100 vehicles are planned, however there is more. “For us GMT is a future-oriented and innovative ally. The system is flexible and we have planned more extensions to be implemented. All of which will be facilitated by GMT and AfvalRIS.” says Mrs. Philippo- Van Bekkum.

GMT AfvalRIS as ‘the’ back-office software solution for the waste and recycling industry

AfvalRIS software is a powerful application that provides real-time insight into the total operation. For instance; sales; CRM; contract data; planning of orders; routes inventories and recycling-operations up to creditors- and debtors-admin. Besides this, GMT offers an array of powerful Apps like Mobile Order Management (MOM), Fleetmanager, MOM server and more. With ‘GMT Connect’ GMT offers a ‘state of the art’ unlocking-tool that allows you to connect AfvalRIS quickly with any third-party software.

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