Consultant Wim Rosier: ‘Pleasant and varied work’


‘My work is varied. One day you advise companies’ Boards of Directors on their business processes and the next day you explain to the drivers how their new on board computer operates. The best part of my job is to come up with solutions to problems and to see that it also works thanks to our presented ideas', says Wim Rosier (30), senior consultant.


‘I’m good at analysing problems and can switch well between different subjects. I like to think along with the customer and to bring people to other insights’, he says.


Wim, who has been working at GMT Europe for five years, occupies himself a lot with A unique application that is specially developed for the waste industry. The beauty of is that it provides the customer with insight into the entire business process: from planning to invoice’, he says with enthusiasm.


‘I’m abroad a lot. This makes my job more fun. Waste containers are emptied all over the world. But, precisely the cultural differences in different companies and in different countries make my job interesting.’


Wim is very happy at GMT. ‘Because it is a compact company, you do many different things as a consultant. Examples? Giving sales demos and trainings, compiling Qlikview models, the implementation of systems, fine-tuning customer processes and obviously also advising.’


Wim Rosier is one of ten consultants of GMT. GMT has a total of 50 employees.

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