Cleaning up the Port of Rotterdam

That's right! Waste needs collection there too.


A day along on a Bek and Verburg’s collection-barge, one of the major maritime waste collectors operating in the Port of Rotterdam. An amazing day!


The morning offered a sunny day at 28 degrees, ideal for a boat ride. Armed with a photo-camera and accompanied by a cameraman for video we were to report on just a typical day at the docks. Never mind typical; this was another world for us.


Short impression

We all know the Port of Rotterdam as one of the worlds biggest ports. However that this would mean around 30.000 ships mooring about every year. Not just freighters; also cruise ships, offshore rigs and mammoth tankers.  And all of them produce waste. Over 410.000 metric tons of it. To give you an Impression: that is about 57 Eiffel towers.


From used-oil to ‘piss and poo’ from ships-latrines

What types of waste are we talking about anyway? We discriminate two types; Ships-waste (domestic, fuel, industrious fodder, used-oil, bilge-water, latrine waste) and cargo-waste (ballast water, chemical cleaning tanks, cargo residues). Now to collect all this safely and conform to legislation, about 60 collection barges roam the Harbor.


Proud of ourselves!

What was I doing in the Rotterdam Harbour I hear you think? Pride! Proud of the fact that we got to develop an App for the Port of Rotterdam that could make it possible to process and report all the mandatory registration of ship-generated waste.with just a press of a button. All maritime waste-collectors, large and small can now do their reports fully automated and paperless. Besides the 200 man-days, it saves over 25.000 paper documents.


However the icing on the cake has to be the start towards a cleaner planet.

Enforcement officials can finally audit orders to prevent waste fraud and illegal dumping. Previously ships were out of Port before the papers reached the administrators. Now they have real-time insight at what quay a ship is berthed, when collection takes place and if the amounts are correct. With this auditing the Port of Rotterdam leads other ports in the world.


Over 20 years experience in the waste industry, you thought you’ve seen it all. Maritime waste-collection however really made a spectacular innovation. Making this a day never to forget! Shown here is our video-report of that day in the harbor.




PS: With the M2Hamis App we were nominated for the prestigious Computable Award

in the category of  ‘ICT project of the year in Big-business with the Mobile registration of shipping waste with  M2HAMIS (Port of Rotterdam, GMT, Yonder and Progress)

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