City of Leiden widely deploys AfvalRIS

AfvalRIS is not only suitable as a planning module for organisations engaged in collection and cleaning, but can be much more widely utilised. This is evident from the fact that the City of Leiden also uses the solution for Maintenance, Land Development, and Service departments, amongst others.


“AfvalRIS contributes to efficient business operations. Planning processes are placed in one package to be able to report unambiguously and monitor the processes”, according to Account Manager Jan Roelofsen.


Schedules (for example, for parking inspectors) no longer have to be made in Excel. Use can be made of the AfvalRIS clear planning and scheduling module. Employees can easily enter their hours. “Ultimately it ensures more control over the number of hours worked and clear insight is given on unproductive hours.”


“GMT offers training and guidance so that employees learn the ropes quickly in the system. People sometimes have to get used to a new way of working but in the end it creates a lot of clarity for all parties involved”.


It is not only the City of Leiden that has discovered this; also Avri and the City of Nijmegen are deploying AfvalRIS more widely.


For more information about AfvalRIS: 

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