The Dutch city counsel Groningen chooses


Starting since 1997 City-management Groningen has been a loyal customer of GMT. Year after year they led the industry with their developments in IT like the digital Waste Calendar, board-computer integration and much more. Now the time has come to switch to


We got to interview Mrs. Slootjes about it, system administrator at City counsel Groningen: "Currently there is so much happening at the environmental service that demands our attention and IT is there to support just that. Besides we look forward to stay up on top of development and technology with GMT. We get support questions often from operational levels. To improve their success, we decided to switch to the newest version. With this we can make our most current wishes come to fruition."


"In November over a hundred employees will be trained by GMT instructors. And with that we expect the City counsel Groningen to be at full strength armed with the newest functionalities by the end of this year." Says Mr. Van Vliet, Account Manager at GMT.


Mrs. Slootjes: "We have taken the first step, the upgrade to CLEAR 9.5. Necessary to switch seamlessly to Last weekend the migration was executed rapidly and well coordinated by ‘For All IT’ from the Netherlands."



GMT has been active in the waste and environmental industry over 30 years. Leading the market in innovative solutions for this particular industry. Examples are (amongst others) GMT CLEAR the powerful management tool that provides fast accurate and consistent data through the entire business process. Besides offering powerful Apps for vehicles, CRM, material/waste intake. With GMT Connect GMT provides a state of the art access-layer that permits GMT CLEAR fast and controlled access to third party applications.


Interested to know more about our products? Email Mr. Van Vliet via or call him at +31 20-6005151



Sander van Vliet
Sander van Vliet
senior account manager
tel. +31 20 600 51 51
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