City Council Purmerend embraces iPad for management of public spaces

At the city council of Purmerend (Holland) iPads with GMT’s Mobile Order Management are fitted in 50 vehicles for the management of public spaces. This function was recently added to the popular MOM App build by GMT. The ‘all round’ employees that execute the received notification from their planning department can administer these from the ease of a tablet. Whether it is a stray garbage bag or the trimming of a tree.


Project "Working Better"

The use of the tablets is an essential part of the project "Working Better" for the City of Purmerend. Van Vliet, account manager at GMT: "Purmerend has made a deliberate choice for the flexible tablet-solution that GMT offers in stead of using the traditional onboard computer. It is a modern and flexible solution and offers the right functionality and robustness. At the client contact centre of the City, over 50 notifications come in concerning public spaces on a daily base. These notifications are processed through the back-office system; AfvalRIS in use by the Council and automatically put through to the planning department.


Planners have real-time insight into where teams and vehicles are located. They delegate the closest team and send the order to the employee. The idea behind it, is that if for instance bulk-waste is being collected, the order for litter can picked up at the same instant. Or when a paving job is done, an overhanging branch can be trimmed or some litter can be taken away at the same time. This method allows quicker and cheaper execution of many orders. By integrating the systems the client control centre can feed the executed order (if desired including a photo) back instantly to the notifier.


The diversity of applications for Mobile Order Management

"The MOM App adds new functions constantly. One client uses MOM for Industrial-Waste another for smart logistics with textile-collections and Purmerend is about to use the iPad for its management of public spaces. Precisely for these the MOM App has been expanded recently. Making it possible to send pictures and comments back and forth to be registered in the iPad and instantly being available in the AfvalRIS Module of the client controle centre. Thereby making the notifier aware of the status of the order. All within the standard solution. " says Adelaar, Product Owner Mobile GMT.


With the Mobile Order Management App planning and fulfillment are always in sync: the orders are real-time traceable at the office. Orders are instantly at the executor and on display in the vehicle concerned. Besides that the App shows routes and assignments that will be administered by the driver. Times, weights, anomalies and concerns are recorded on the spot. Proving as evidence in cases where needed, the employee can post pictures. Working hours will be reported at the office in a second. Clients can sign for approval on the tablet too. Besides all basic functions MOM also offers many options for navigation.


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