Cespa (Spain) goes for operational efficiency by implementing CLEAR.net


Last week CESPA SA, the second largest waste company in Spain with offices throughout the country, contracted GMT Europe to complete a new blueprint for the operational processes within Cespa and integrate this into CLEAR.net. The project has the working title "NUCLEO". NUCLEO stands for "Clear the Use Nuevo para la Eficiencia operacional". Which means "New use of CLEAR for operational efficiency".


The blueprint will be implemented and tested through a pilot in one of the regions and will result in improved operational efficiency in the process of CESPA.


Accompanied by two Spanish-speaking GMT consultants, who will be full-time allocated at this project, GMT will organize trainings and many workshops regarding the modeling of CLEAR.net based on best practises. During the modeling CLEAR.net will be fully configured for use. Eventually the "Nuevo CLEAR” project will be implemented in the pilot region.


When the pilot is successfully completed, it will be rolled out in all other depots of Cespa and will we commence with the further implementation of a number of add-on solutions such as CLEAR Mobile and CLEARWeigh.


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