"CLEAR.net on the basis of process optimisation and quality service Brabants Afval Team (BAT)"

With this project BAT achieves its objectives such as cost reduction, sustainability and environment, customer satisfaction and potentially increasing turnover.


BAT currently uses CLEAR for industrial waste. New technological developments and changes in legislation have ensured that the development in the IT area has not stood still. This has led to BAT having to seriously think about the future of the existing automated information systems. They came to the conclusion that they must put CLEAR to wider use and automation to limit non-integrated systems (“siloed computer systems”).


Together with GMT they start a new project with following sub-projects:

• Basic implementation of CLEAR for Collection and all Commercial tasks.

• Improving service to the public by using the Internet portal for notifications.

• The more efficient deployment of people and resources by using the latest route-optimisation technology.

• Research and analysis of time tracking CLEAR vs. Atimo.

• Commercial optimisation.

• Perform analysis based on the business information which is distributed across different systems. Gain insight into all key strategic performance metrics (KPI‘s) of the organisation through the Management Report project based on QlikView.


These projects will be implemented from April 2011 to January 2012 within the VBPC Project [Improving CLEAR Governance Model Processes (Verbeteren Besturingsmodel Processen CLEAR)]. The starting point for the whole project is CLEAR.net.


Target Results

Through the company-wide implementation of CLEAR and related organisational changes, the following results will be achieved:

• Integration of the process of acquisition right up to invoicing.

• Timely, structural and factual reports on what actually can be controlled.

• Methodical work process and optimum deployment of people and resources.

• Improve service level to customers such as by offering digital services.


Hans van Woensel, Head of Collection, BAT: "We at BAT are now ready to further implement the digital support so that we can actually start to use all the modern tools that can support the company in further development."


This meets the BAT’s objectives in the fields of; cost reduction, sustainability and environment, customer satisfaction and potentially increasing turnover.


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