CLEAR training requests rise

GMT receives an increasing number of requests for end-user, key-user and management training. These training programmes are not only beneficial for new CLEAR users, but also for those users who wish to achieve a better understanding and use of the application. The training purpose is to teach the users how CLEAR® is implemented in the organisation.


The training has a ‘hands on’ character; cases will be explained as well as the theoretical explanation of the design of the system. This training is aimed at different knowledge levels and multiple parts of the application. Over the previous years we have tailor made several training programmes for our clients. For these specifically made training programmes we use an actual copy of the client database to ensure an accurate reflection of reality. All training material will is adapted to this situation and realistic examples are used.

The training programmes done so far have been perceived positively by our clients.

For more details, please contact Sander van Vliet.



Sander van Vliet
Sander van Vliet
senior account manager
tel. +31 20 600 51 51
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