CLEAR is Working Full-Steam Ahead in Abu Dhabi


Since mid-January, waste is also being collected in Abu Dhabi with the help of The GMT application ensures that one has an insight into the operational process whilst collecting the refuse in the desert, cleaning the beach or sweeping the streets.


Development has been rapid. GMT started the implementation of the application in October 2013. The system ran three months later. ‘Making a daily plan involves only one click on the button and the Government can monitor the entire process via an internet portal’, states Wout Krist, Manager of Professional Services.


‘We have designed our application as a planning and data management application, in order that the data from the lorries finally ends up in CLEAR via secured data communication. We can improve processes and inform the Government with the help of Qlikview.’


Collecting waste in Abu Dhabi cannot be compared to the method followed in The Netherlands. GMT conducted it flexibly here. ‘A major part of the personnel is uneducated. Therefore, we gave the instructions orally and have accomplished a lot with the employees. Additionally, one had to anticipate the fact that addresses are not used in the desert.’


‘The collaboration with the employees of West Coast Saubermacher, who were responsible for designing the entire project, was gratifying’, states Krist. ‘Officially, I was the Project Manager for the delivery of and the portal. I was actually very busy facilitating all concerned so that they could get down to work with a goal.  I also provided resources to the customers to support the process and explained the organisational setup to them.’


The result?  ‘We are now planning for 772 employees and 57 vehicles in 6 organisations, apart from the 30,000 household containers and various additional services’, explains Krist.
West Coast Saubermacher is a joint venture between the Austrian, Saubermacher and the United Arab Emirates, West Coast Co. L.L.C. is developed especially for the waste and eco-industry, and offers continuous insight into the entire process, from current sales, relationships and contract data, activity planning, roads, order processing and invoicing to Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable.


Paul  Havinga
Paul Havinga
business unit directeur GMT Waste
tel. +31 20 600 51 51
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