Broadcasting time for GMT during annual Midwaste Day!


The affiliated organizations are invited to a fun day during the annual Midwaste Day. And every year another member acts as the host location. This year it was at our customer BAT. GMT got, as a great exception, airtime to present the success story of the migration trajectory to


BAT has been a customer of GMT since 1996 and has worked with CLEAR ever since. BAT felt more or less forced by internal and external developments to think about the future of the provision of information a year and a half ago.


Cees Paridaans, director BAT: “We took a more than ambitious road with each other. My statement, ‘If you do not get your hands dirty, nothing ever happens’, required quite a lot of effort and energy. It is quite an investment, both in Euro and in manpower, but we will definitely travel that road, because we will certainly reap the benefits.”


We worked very hard on this project and it is something that all of us are proud of. We have therefore given GMT the opportunity to present this project to Midwaste’s associate organizations as well. GMT offers opportunities also for the other members, even if they do not work with CLEAR” according to Cees.


Paul Havinga, Sales Manager GMT: “To clearly indicate the importance of integration, we showed a whiteboard animation in which everything is covered in less than 2 minutes. Thereafter we could share the experience we that we have gained during this cooperation.”


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