The year has raced us by. Not just time goes fast, but also developments in the waste-industry, with you and GMT. Bottomline is we operate in a dynamic world. A world in which we all work along to improve sustainability. Imagine a cleaner planet, a slogan for which we fight and if at all possible attribute to. Our new and sustainable and paperless Trash Talk is our primary prove of that. It is with pride we present our new TrashTalk, a bird’s eye view over the year 2014.


Navigation of TrashTalk…

The navigation of the magazine is very simple. As you are used to from mobile devices, you can ‘swipe’ over your screen. Left, right, up and down. Aswell as using the different more info buttons. When selecting the “Index” you get to see a summary of it’s contents through which you can swipe too.

If you read TrashTalk from the pc or laptop you can ‘mouse’ through the options and use the scrollbar on the right.


Click here to read our TrashTalk

Enjoy your reading and have a sustainable 2015!

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