BAT’s Albion CA site officially opened


Council member Roel Lauwerier: “perseverance pays off”.

A philosophy that fits BAT employees to a T. A lot of work has been done by all parties involved. Cees Paridaans, Director of BAT,  explains that this is the normal work for them. His people are very enthusiastic and working hard is part of the mentality of the BAT employee. Now it is the time to stop for a while to reflect and to enjoy the end result: the new Albion CA site!


The CA site has been a fine example of thinking. From logistics and architectural design to the IT side of the whole. There is a lot involved.

Simon de Koning, Consultant GMT: “What is special about the recycling centre is the pass registration for residents of Tilburg and non-residents and businesses. A separation in the recycling centre was made between the left side, for the inhabitants of Tilburg, and the right side for the ‘non-residents’ and businesses. The latter gets weighed per fraction on a Pfister weighbridge. They can deposit their weighted fractions whereby all subtotals are collected and the total weighted fractions get settled afterwards in one go when they drive out. The waste from the residents of Tilburg in the recycling centre gets estimated by the BAT employee on volume. These volumes are entered on a touch screen and then settled afterwards.


The CA site is decorated in a modern style, with columns, weighing bridges, barriers and traffic lights. Everything is automated and integrated with back office systems, such CLEARWeigh from GMT. The turnaround time for depositing has been significantly accelerated due to the new design of two streets. There is more space for deposits and the plateau is higher, which makes the containers lower and the citizens and businesses can thus make their deposits easier. There is also no need to drive around anymore, looking for empty containers.

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