Aspen moves for an efficiency goal in inventory management

This spring Aspen Oss B.V., a company of Aspen Pharma, the South-African based pharmacist initiated their use of CLEAR software by GMT. Aspen Pharma is one of the biggest players in the international pharmacy-industry and the fifth largest pharmacy giant of generic medication worldwide. By controlling the waste with GMT’s software the company moves for an efficiency goal in inventory management.


"The change to CLEAR with the module "warehouse & recycling" we offer ourselves a complete perspective and control on our inventory. Thereby committing ourselves to guaranty stock processes," says Tjibbele Wagenaar programme manager IT at Aspen Oss B.V.


CLEAR, the total solution in the waste and sustainability industry

GMT’s CLEAR software is a powerful waste management tool that offers continuous insight in the total process. From current sales-, contact- and contract data, planning of orders, routes, inventory, recycling management to creditors and debtors administration.


Aspen expressed the ambition to centralize as many processes as possible in one system. The first chosen option was a new software package. For inventory management of waste products this proved not to be suitable enough. After a closer look at what the market had to offer, GMT’s CLEAR proved to be the best option for Aspen’s demands: a powerful complete, user-friendly tool.


Oversight, cost saving and future oriented

Previously the pharmacy giant implemented a stand alone software package to track stock positions. With CLEAR all relevant data is made available real time and the coherence of stock processes is guaranteed.



Interested in GMT’s CLEAR or the module warehouse & recycling?

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