Almost too good to be true!...

Latest release Mobile Order Management presents over 10 new features

That sounds almost too good to be true. The Mobile Order Management (MOM), an already well-equipped application that has evolved over 23 versions since it’s first release. And more is to come.


Mobile Order Management: A genuine ‘disruptive change’

The launch of GMT’s Mobile Order Management app for iOS caused quite a stir in 2014.

“All drivers fitted with an iPad!”, wrote G. Wassink in the May edition of GRAM magazine. Never has there been such a buzz about the launch of a GMT product before. Fans and opponents of the introduction of consumer electronics in business were venting their opinions.


Many Myths have been debunked. And the Amercan firefighters were eager to help a hand by fitting their trucks with an iPad and app.



Many of the devout critics are themselves developing a product for tablets. The objections seemed to melt like snow before the sun and the incorporation of iPads in vehicles is the norm now. At this moment over 1000 vehicles in the waste industry use our MOM app and that number is growing steadily.


Complete functionality

Since the Launch GMT’s MOM app offers many standard functionalities. Like additional orders, instant routing and a real time link between driver and back office. “highly practical is the display it shows the details of the orders as well as the interactive map. The driver can decide the efficiency of his route.”, thus Thomas Adelaar, Product Owner Mobile at GMT.


During a route detailed data is kept on driving times, routes, orders and productive hours of personnel, measurements, divergents and interruptions and photos of anomalies can be instantly linked to the order. After finishing an order you can let your customers sign for approval on the tablet and return a receipt digitally to them.



An aspect that we need focus on is always stability. The MOM app is after all at the core of the business and that needs to be robust: A lacking mobile network,  a defective device or an empty battery can not jeopardize the operation. In such situations it has to be possible to return the tablet to a repair point. Important to that is that the back office needs to stay in sync with the data on the device!


Furthermore one wants the device to process as much tasks as possible simultaneously without lag in data exchange while being en route. Multitasking. It may seem logical but technically it’s not always easy. GMT especially invested in robustness of the solution. “That is why both smaller and larger waste collectors increasingly chose for our solution”, according to Paul Havinga, Director GMT Waste.


More and Faster!

Adelaar: “GMT sets the norm for it’s Mobile Order Management very high. We decided to distinguish ourselves by a sublime user-friendliness and the stability of a mountain. Users are critical. The app has to measure up to user-experience that people have with the best consumer apps that are available.”


The choice to develop Mobile Order Management as a so called ‘native app’, was therefore the way forward. During the last year we have followed through on our development to improve user-experience of the app on 87 points, partially based on input from the end-user. Another ‘difference’ is that we implement newer versions far more rapidly compared to the back office apps. Like last year when GMT presented 23 new releases.


GMT is currently expanding it’s mobile development team to speed up new functionalities and innovations. “The mobile development team will grow to be the biggest development team within GMT”, according to CEO Mark Abbas.

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