Adopting a waste bin?


In North Amsterdam, there is a lot of commotion regarding the adoption of a waste bin. I recently sat with flapping ears over coffee with ‘mothers’, my friend’s mother. She was one of the first residents of North to have adopted a waste bin. Why would you actually want and do that as a resident?


I asked the mothers this; “Well, honey I can tell you. The Amsterdam municipality must apparently cut down expenses and has announced to remove all the lesser used bins. Well I can see it all before me. My entire front yard full of trays of fries and other clutter. There are students running along everyday. Dog owners, who nicely clean the stool, do not really want to walk around for an hour with a poop bag until they reach home, and thus leave it lying around. Before you know it is a real mess. I am totally for it. It keeps my own place nice and a bit habitable for the neighbourhood. Of course I am hoping for a little cooperation.”


But there are more problems generated. In Vogeldorp there was a bench exactly between the school and the snack bar with a trash can. You would be happy if students threw their trash in the bin but if it is not there…yes then we need not sketch the picture of what would happen.


The local baker has also adopted a waste bin out of necessity. It can be emptied using a key to subsequently pour the waste into the underground container. It however, costs the baker time and effort. Not every undertaker or citizen has this mentality. Vogeldorp is lucky. But for how long and what must the citizens soon do something more themselves?


PS: Keeping the city clean with concerted efforts. Real or pure necessity?

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