‘I want to actually contribute something’


‘The waste disposal industry is immensely in motion all over. Everywhere in the world people think about how we can ensure that the city remains liveable. I find it a challenge to be part of this thinking process’, says Bas Kousemaker (40). He has been the account manager at GMT since early 2014.


He focuses on new business in addition to his contact with existing customers. ‘I find it very interesting to investigate with the client where the problem areas are and reach long-term goals by using good products and consultancy. Sharing is multiplying. I want to actually contribute something.’


The Mobile First strategy of GMT appeals to him very much. ‘Mobile solutions are often cost-effective. I would like to broaden the horizon for our customers. A good software solution is no longer tied to cables,’ he says enthusiastically.


Prior to joining GMT, he worked, amongst others, as an account manager at a company that made mobile applications for waste disposal companies. ‘I am pleased with my move. The vision, scope and customers of GMT appeal to me a lot. We work very hard on a good product in a dynamic industry with a fine group of people.’


‘In addition to the Netherlands, GMT also focuses on the foreign market. That makes my job extra interesting.’ Bas has in the meanwhile been properly infected with the waste disposal virus. ‘I love to travel and I have never in my life photographed so many garbage trucks and (underground) containers,’ he laughingly concludes.




Bas  Kousemaker
Bas Kousemaker
Account Manager
tel. +31 20 600 51 51
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