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“Our exclusive focus on automation for the collection and processing of waste and  resources has made us who we are today: a European trendsetter. We are proud of that. We have contributed to the operational excellence of our clients for the last 25 years. As the planet becomes ever more polluted and the natural resources deficit grows, new recycling methods are being introduced - an urgently needed development indeed. Efficiently achieving social sustainability is high on the international agenda after all.


As a representative of the Dutch knowledge economy, GMT therefore looks beyond the Netherlands in order to deploy its experience and know-how. The time has come to offer our expertise to organisations outside the Netherlands looking to grow in a quickly changing market. By offering total solutions for reversed logistics. Ingenious solutions which save considerable costs. With software which can be flexibly used independent of time and place because we think ‘Mobile First’. All the more reason to continue to surprise the market with new products. Remaining ahead of the curve is crucial for your success and ours. We want to share our solutions with you. Dedicated and with a forward-looking vision.”


"For more than 25 years we focus 100%

on the global waste & recycling industry.
We do this to enable our clients to grow their business

and margins by a minimum of 20% and improve their quality.

It is with passion and proven technology that we deliver

innovative and best of breed ICT solutions,

appreciated by thousands of end-users.

Our goal is implementing profitable sustainability.

We achieve this through operational excellence, legal compliance and

high quality services. We deliver in time and budget and aim at long standing relations." Mark Abbas, CEO GMT


imagine a cleaner planet



Mark  Abbas
Mark Abbas
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