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[BETA] Mobile Order Management
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[BETA] Mobile Order Management
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[BETA] Mobile Order Management App

Dear customer,
We invite you to join our GMT Feedback Community. Due to rapid release schema of our mobile apps we would like to invite our customers to get a taste for the new features to be deployed later on.

GMT has tested the beta versions of the Mobile Order Management app extensively. However, beta versions are still in development and are released solely for the purposes of testing. A beta version is not a finished product. Due to the large number of devices, operating systems, back end systems and versions a beta version may contain languages bugs, mistakes or defects.

By downloading and installing the beta version of the MOM you automatically join the GMT Feedback Community. We appreciate your feedback. No specific technical support is provided for the beta version. We ask that you submit issues in the normal manner and our Customer Service team will respond to you directly.

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Bijgewerkt 21 februari 2017
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